Operational Plan 10/2/2012

Operational guidelines 9/28/12

The author suggests that the roll out begin on 10/02/12

The deadline for negotiated settlement is 03/15/13 March 15th, 1200 hours EST (noon).  Civilian law enforcement will then begin to cut off all entrances to the bases used by the 704th MI Brigade, including Fort Meade. No one will be allowed to enter, and all who leave will be detained, debriefed, held in protective custody, and released to the DOD. DOD personnel will offer guidance and oversight in this process. This stage of quarantine will allow hostiles to seek a peaceful resolution. If and when this fails, the following operations will commence upon the signal of the President, and then the orders of the director of the DOD.

STAGE ONE: Military operations will be directed at enemy communications complex locations in Alaska, and other related targets at altitude that direct command and control, and that direct attacks upon civilian and friendly military forces. The attacks will be launched by submarine launched missiles, Aegis missile systems, and high speed missiles from suitable locations. The first wave will be expected to disable the enemy capacity and or will to stage large scale attacks. The intent is to disable without provoking a mass attack. At this point if the enemy does not signal they are prepared to stand down, then stage two shall begin immediately (15 minutes). The enemy must give the following signal in the clear, God Bless America, meaning they wish to end hostilities. If this communication is not given, proceed immediately to stage two.

STAGE TWO: The second stage of attacks will be directed at the leader (commanding general) of the hostile formations, but not the entire formation itself. These attacks will be coordinated between Special Forces on the ground, friendly forces on the ground at the enemy locations, and reconnaissance drones that are armed and tracking the enemy leadership personalities. The second wave attacks will follow the first wave if the enemy refuses to signal a willingness to stand down. These are capture or kill operations aimed at the primary leader (the commanding officer). The concept of targeting the commander is to dissuade the main force from thinking they are about to be destroyed, and following through with a mass attack. This stage must begin upon completion of stage one. If a mass attack takes place after stage one, it is the duty of all concerned to use maximum force to preclude a second mass attack. This means going directly to stage three and using maximum force, applied in a matter of minutes. If a mass attack does not occur immediately after stage one at 1200 hours EST, and the signal “God Bless America” is not given immediately, then stage two is in effect. This operation is a capture or kill operation aimed at the top leader of the enemy formations. If this fails to halt hostile operations in a timely and effective manner then stage three shall commence no later than 1230 hours. Special Forces and friendly forces on the bases shall commence a rapid assault and they have 20-25 minutes to succeed. This strategy can succeed if enemy leadership is being tracked with armed reconnaissance drones prior to offensive operations.

STAGE THREE: The third wave attacks will be executed by land, sea, and air forces using all available high speed missiles from submarines, Aegis systems, other missile platforms, and finally air to ground missiles. The designated ground forces will then enter the target areas and detain and disarm all hostile forces.  Stage three represents the last choice, the use of maximum force to destroy the 704th in a desperate effort to stop mass attacks against civilians. These forces shall be applied before a second mass attack is made. If the first stage triggers such an attack it is the responsibility of the commanders of the submarine, Aegis, and other attack platforms to react immediately with maximum force to preclude a second mass attack.

There are a number of red lines that cannot be crossed by enemy forces prior to the March 15th deadline. If these lines are crossed it is the duty of friendly forces to eliminate resistance with all possible dispatch. These red lines are as follows. The assassination of ANY persons in the line of Presidential succession under the Constitution of the United States and additionally the author of the defensive strategy to date, MGT. If the leaders of the resistance are assassinated, the leader of enemy forces shall be under a capture or kill order.

In order to maintain an element of uncertainty in the date and time of attack, it is the prerogative of the President to signal the Director of the DOD that offensive operations shall go forward. The Director of DOD shall then give the order on his own initiative using the date and time above as a rough guideline, not an exact date and time. Designated forces shall prepare accordingly. When civilian authorities surround enemy formations, it is incumbent upon designated military forces to move into position in a gradual and deliberate manner. The commanders and men of the US armed forces shall use personal initiative and creative adjustments to fulfill their missions.

Additional friendly forces will be used to augment those forces already named. The additional forces are: 10th Mountain Division (Fort Drum), 2nd Marine Division (Camp Lejeune), 29th Infantry Division, 75th MP (Fort Belvoir), 4th Infantry Division, 10th Special Forces Group, 759th MP Battalion (Fort Carson), 2nd Infantry Division, 42nd MP Brigade, 1st Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger Reg, 4th Battalion, 160th SOAR, 191st Infantry Brigade, 6th MP, 62nd Airlift Wing, 627th Air Base Group, 446th Airlift Wing, 1st Air OSG, 22nd STS, 262nd IWAS, 361st RS, (Fort Lewis).
The targets of friendly forces are the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, composed of 741st MI Battalion (Fort Meade), 742nd MI Battalion (Fort Meade), 743rd MI Battalion (Fort Carson), 744th MI Battalion (Fort Meade). Additional targets have been previously designated.

The following bases and personnel are additions to those already designated to be used to neutralize the 704th MI Brigade
stationed at Fort Meade as well as other locations previously designated.

Ft. Dix, NJ

Ft. Drum, NY / 10th Mountain Division

Marine Corps Camp Lejeune, NC

Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, CA (1st MEF, Iraq Deployment, etc.)

Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA

McGuire Air Force Base, Morristown, NJ

New York National Guard, 69th Infantry Regiment

Washington, DC National Guard

Langley Air Force Base

Fort McNair

Fort Campbell

Fort Knox
Ft. Benning, GA (U.S. Army Infantry) will focus on Fort Gordon.

Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth AO will be Fort Carson

Ft. Carson, Colo. (4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division) will operate in place.

Unless otherwise specified, all other forces area of operations are Fort Meade.
Primary units of interest
704th MI Brigade
consisting of elements of the following;

741 Fort Meade

742 Fort Meade

743 Fort Carson, Colorado

Secondary priority units
(Cyber Command stand down)
780 MI Bat Fort Meade
781 MI Bat Fort Meade
782 MI Bat Fort Gordon,Ga

513 Fort Meade/Fort Gordon Ga.

297th MI Battalion

The use of armed drones will commence immediately over all the designated targets above. The drones will be maintained over the targets at all times. The four primary persons of interest will be under continuous surveillance to maintain contact and preclude escape or flight. The flight operations will be done by volunteers without family obligations if possible. The antennae complexes in Alaska (3-4) may be used for hostile communications, and as such must have a drone overhead at all times. The margin of victory in war is to break or penetrate enemy communications and secure your own. These targets may be destroyed at a moments notice. As stated previously, missile subs and Aegis assets will loiter within range of targets in the northern Pacific as well as the eastern seaboard.


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