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A World Court and Collective Security: A New Treaty Among Nations

       The world is changing to a multipolar world, one composed of many nation states where no one state is completely dominant. Nation states from their beginning have competed to become the dominant military and industrial power on the earth. This contest often involved extended periods of open war. This new period of emerging states resembles Europe 100 years ago. The concept of a balance of power to maintain the peace led to extended alliances between nations, and once war was declared between two states, they and all their allies were drawn into a conflagration that destroyed Europe. WWI and WWII were essentially the same conflict that consumed nearly 100 million lives, and took generations to recover from. If this type of conflict were to repeat itself today with nuclear weapons, the toll of human lives would probably extend into a billion, and the world might never recover.

       The United States engaged in an arms race with the USSR for nearly 50 years, for world domination using nuclear weapons. The Cold War ended with the collapse of the USSR, by which time the amount of societal wealth the arms race consumed was roughly equal to the value of everything in the US except the value of the land itself, meaning every home, factory, every building, tool, consumer item, work of art, in short everything in its entirety. This incredible sacrifice of treasure and blood did not make the citizenry safer, but instead made them live in a world of constant anxiety in which total annihilation could come in 15 minutes. On several occasions the world itself nearly came to an end in all out nuclear war. This state of certain annihilation was only avoided by engaging in proxy wars between the two states over much of the globe in different locations that probably consumed about 100 million lives in foreign lands. In short, everywhere but Europe became a battlefield so that Europe might not.

       Today many nations aspire to become regional and global powers. The currency of this contest are nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, conventional weapons, and weapons of increasing destructive power. Greater societal wealth means more money for newer and improved engines of destruction. It is a given that as nations become more militarized their society becomes less free, less humane, and more authoritarian in nature. The concept of a balance of power failed Europe in 1914, and it will fail again in the 21st Century. It is clear that something must change or these mistakes of the past will be repeated on an even more grand scale. Without a new paradigm between nations all hopes of greater freedom, prosperity, and a better future for one’s children will be consumed in the never ending contest for regional and world domination.

       The answer is a collective security regime that creates an army of many nations to enforce the peace, and a world court charged with defending all international borders, and keeping the peace between nations. The UN was created to protect the peace of the world and human rights but it has evolved to guard the rights of governments first and people second. A more robust power is required. A world court will curtail the actions of national leaders who seek world domination. Wars and genocide are not traffic accidents, they are conscious choices made by the leaders of nations to commit crimes for profit, power, and personal glory. No national government will by choice decide to give up the power inherent in nuclear weapons and the power conferred on them by the arms race and militarization of society. Governments are not the people, and the people are not their government. Ideally the governments serve the people, but never ending war means the opposite is true, that people become the servants of the state. The only way this can change is for the people of many nations to unite and decide to enforce a new paradigm. Only the people acting together can curtail the power of the state and regain control of their own destiny, included in a new Bill of Rights.

       The treaty to establish the world court and collective security will slow the arms race and begin the process of elimination of nuclear weapons in three steps. The process is a gradual evolutionary one that will mean over time that large militaries become less necessary. Change does not happen overnight, but over the course of several decades. The world court is not the basis for a world government. If the court over reaches and tries to use the security force for its own means or an unpopular cause then the nations need merely recall their troops. The military of many nations remains under the separate control of each nation, formed by them, paid by them, armed and transported by them. If the world court over steps their mandate, then the force will not act, or will dissolve. The court is not a world government, it is a traffic cop used to enforce the rules of the road. After WWII Japan existed under the defense umbrella of the US and did not maintain a large standing army. This concept will evolve over time for the world at large. All nations that join the treaty nations will be entitled to the protection of the world court and the collective defense force, meaning in practice that the small weak nations will be protected from being absorbed by their larger, more powerful neighbors. The concept of regional and global powers contesting for world domination will become archaic. The aggressor who seeks to gain and hold territory will be repulsed, and the profit inherent in war itself, whether against ones neighbors or one’s own people will no longer enter into the calculations of national leaders if they know they will become the enemies of peace and humanity, and they will be defeated, and end their days in a prison cell.

       This realization will not be instantaneous, nor will it come cheap, but it will come in time. The rights of minority populations will never be protected by the majority groups, but only by law enforced by the court. Nothing is certain and all human constructs are by definition imperfect and subject to eventual failure. It is probable that a new paradigm will allow time for society to evolve an ethic that finds state violence repulsive and unacceptable. Several generations of peace will allow the world the opportunity to evolve societies that are internally harmonious and at peace with their neighbors. Human goals of an increased standard of living, as well as greater attainments of health and education will benefit the cause of peace. It is with these goals in mind that the US and developed nations offer a new Marshall Plan to increase the humanitarian goals of health and education in under developed areas of the world, and to join together to decode and preserve our natural world. This work begins with a peace dividend inherent in the treaty among nations. Only by joining together and demanding change in unison, may the people of many nations break the never ending cycle of war, and begin a new age of peace on earth. As a human being living in this critical time in the history of humanity, it is your responsibility to yourself and others to join together and demand a change in the current system of every man (nation) for themselves. You must take every nonviolent action necessary to secure your nation from those who would drive it to poverty and destruction. If we do not secure collective defense and a new Marshall Plan from our governments now, today, then tomorrow will not judge us kindly, and our destiny will never be our own. 

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