Marshall Thomas Passport Photo

Snapshot 1 (7-22-2012 8-18 AM)

This passport photo is from 2004 during a relapse of my illness. My trachea stands out with great definition because I weigh about 120lbs having quickly lost 60lbs. My parents convinced me to move home to recover. They later told me they thought I was going to die. It is during a relapse of my illness that I have said and done things I deeply regret. Please give weight to how I have lived my life, and not my statements made under extreme duress.

This is how I normally appear (lazing around in bed 🙂

I honestly don’t hate anyone, in fact I have used my empathy and love for others to progress and accomplish great things…with a little help 🙂

I anticipate people saying that I am a drug addict or worse…so here is my recent drug test, all negative.

sorry hard to read, my websites on google have a legible document.

I am planning on getting tested every 90 days to prove that I am not on drugs. Anyone else in public life doing that that doesn’t explicitly have to do so under contract ?

I anticipate that I will be called crazy. I attempted to prove otherwise, but outside of expensive court ordered evaluations it is difficult to “prove yourself sane”. However, I have taken several self evaluations online and will gladly submit to evaluation is someone else will pay the considerable expense. Here are copies of the self evaluations.

I know these don’t really PROVE anything, but it seemed like I needed to make the effort. It looks like I am moderately narcissistic, but I knew that already 🙂

I’d like to give a shout out to friends and family and tell them it is perfectly ok to talk about me and my personality, life, whatever, with the media. Thanks to the people who have been there for me in this life. Thank you all and God Bless

About marshallgthomas

NASA, teacher, microbiology, filmmaker, author, song writer...
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