Secret Dirty War

Mall Speech: Secret Dirty War

What brings us together today is not political reform, what brings us together is the crisis of the hour.  Technological breakthroughs in military science have produced a secret weapon, a revolution in military affairs in electronic warfare that turns the world upside down.  The term revolution in military affairs or RMA is a military science term.  Historical examples of previous RMA’s are the invention of firearms or the invention of nuclear weapons.  The invention of firearms meant that virtually all other weapons that came before were now obsolete and that a few hundred men armed with firearms might take over entire nations and turn the existing political and social structure upside down.  If Nazi Germany had invented nuclear weapons in 1940 and had one hundred nuclear bombs, they could have taken over the entire world.  The new RMA would have been the key to total world domination and a one world fascist government.  The current RMA in electronic warfare means that the existing military, political, and social order can be overthrown by those who wield this sword of power, a secret weapon that makes all other weapons obsolete.  Just as the atomic bomb was invented in secret at the Los Alamos government weapons labs, a new weapon of equally destructive potential has been invented in secret.  This new breakthrough in electronic warfare is a secret weapon that makes it possible to kill anyone, anywhere in a manner that is plausibly deniable.  The real cause of death is hidden.  There are no chemical or biological traces, no bullet fragments on the body of the victim.  The target is attacked with electromagnetic energy and dies from heart attack or cancer that looks like a natural cause of death, thus plausibly deniable.  It is the perfect crime.  This is a power that tyrants, murders, and mad men have dreamed of for centuries, total power over all other human beings without consequences.  There is nothing new under the sun and this type of criminal activity has happened before.  Previous illegal government programs like the human guinea pig experiments, Cointelpro, and MKULTRA used more than half a million US citizens as experimental subjects and targets during the Cold War. The late Dr. MLK was the most high profile target of government hit lists in the 1960’s.  Cointelpro was run by the FBI to destroy political activists and their organizations.  FBI director J. Edgar Hoover personally sent Dr. King a letter attempting to force him to commit suicide.  With this new RMA in microwave weapons Hoover could have used the weapons to neutralize King with plausible deniability.  You would have read in the newspaper one day that Dr. King had died from a heart attack or cancer or even suicide.  Dr. King and his movement would have died prematurely before the civil rights movement could have gained real momentum in society.  Hoover would have gotten away with the perfect crime.  Today a few intelligence officers have jealously guarded the secret weapon and have used this power for their own selfish purposes.  They are generally using the weapons on political activists and whistleblowers, people who fit a common profile.  These targets are considered potential enemies and they are enrolled into a program of torture and experimentation designed to perfect the new weapons, perfect the science of behavior modification, and neutralize people who fit a common profile.  The terminal experiments are designed to force a suicide, institutionalization, or death from non-ionizing radiation.  This is a very dangerous situation, much like when an dangerous animal is trapped with no way out.  It is important to use extreme caution to avoid mass casualties.  The only way to stop these dangerous criminals is to publicly expose them, surround them so they are trapped, cut off their supply of money and resources, and make the soldiers of their elite military intelligence brigade abandon their officers and stop the attacks on innocent civilians.  We must demand of our leaders that they disarm the elite 704th military intelligence brigade using the 82nd airborne division and place it under the direct control of CENTCOM.  To bring the secret dirty war to an end we must demand the five reforms.  1. Disarm all electromagnetic weapons systems.  2. Open all records and secret archives.  3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission, and for those who continue criminal activity, Nuremburg like tribunals.  4. Convene an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons with both public and private verification systems because we cannot accept the government’s word alone that the secret dirty war is over.  5. Finally, an international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush its internal enemies with impunity. If a President or general, or high government official imprisons, tortures, or murders their political opponents then they must be sure that they will end their days in a prison cell.  To heal our Democracy and ensure that this type of crime might never happen again I suggest four goals.  These four goals represent the intent of repairing damage done to Democracy and improve human health and security throughout the world in a peaceful manner.  Over time to engineer a more peaceful world.  ONE: End the secret dirty war through the five reforms.  TWO: Domestic political reform to repair the damage done to Democracy.  THREE: End the world wide arms race in nuclear and conventional weapons through collective security agreements.  FOUR:  A plan of scientific and humanitarian initiatives to replace military spending as the driving economic and political force in the world.  Failure to institute real reform will mean that these crimes may end temporarily, but like previous illegal government programs, they will simply go underground for a while, then begin again in secret.  I believe in the power of our democracy to reform it’s flaws and to heal the wounds of the past and I give the responsibility of this task to you, every individual who lives today to enjoy the blessings of liberty.  We are a nation of laws and only this makes us different, but it makes all the difference.  We are a nation that is self correcting, self healing, intellectually fantastic, and revolutionary.  We owe it to the memory of those who fought in the past and those who fight today to do our duty to form a more perfect union.  The world needs leadership and now is the time to begin.  The world doesn’t want a new arms race and wars without end.

Thomas Paine, the famous revolutionary, wrote about the British government of his day, “We must not confuse the peoples (of the world) with their governments.”  “In spite of professions of friendship, (to each other)…they are not a court (a government) to be trusted, but an insane court, plunging into quarrels, in quest of war to satisfy its folly and countenance its extravagance.”  “Most newspapers are directly in the pay of the government, or indirectly under its orders, and that those papers constantly distort and attack (the revolution in France) in order to deceive the nation.”  “The government seems to be (filling) its need for a foe, for unless it finds one somewhere, no pretext (no excuse) exists for the enormous revenue and taxation now deemed necessary.”  “The government appears to be saying, “if nobody will be so kind as to become my foe (my enemy), I shall need no more fleets nor armies, and shall be forced to reduce my taxes.”  “The American war enabled me (the British government) to double the taxes.”  “If the miseries of war, and the flood of evils it spreads over a country, did not check all inclination to mirth, and turn laughter into grief, the frantic conduct of the government of England would only excite ridicule.”  “But it is impossible to banish from one’s mind the images of suffering which the contemplation of such policy presents.”  “To reason with governments, as they have existed for ages, is to argue with brutes.”  “It is only from the nations themselves (the people) that reforms can be expected.”  “There ought not now to exist any doubt that the peoples (of the world) enlightened and enlightening each other, shall henceforth be able, not merely to give the world an example of good government, but by their united influence enforce its practice.”

Thomas Paine speaks to us today from across the centuries.  We are involved in wars without end while our collective wealth is plundered.  When America smiles and dreams big the whole world smiles, but when America turns mean and confused the world no longer spins in a greased groove.  The lower middle class make 30 or 40 thousand a year, besides the teachers most have never been past high school.  By lower middle class I mean the hard hats, police, fire, teachers, sanitation, civil service, mechanics, electricians, janitors, cooks, clerks.  The people who belong to unions that over the twentieth century were responsible for creating the middle class in the first place. The banksters have gamed the system and destroyed the economy for years so they could get in, get theirs, and get out.  The banksters took the money and ran and nobody raised a hand to stop them.  It is a violation of our social compact.  Today the lower middle class live with unfulfilled dreams and fear.  Fear that they are losing the dream of owning their own home, fear of losing the dream of sending their children to college, fear of losing their dream of retiring with dignity.  When times get hard people get mean.  They view the unemployed poor as basically parasites who get massive government funds paid for by them, the lower middle class.  They see the poor going to college on financial aid paid for by them, the “public”, and in many cases they are denied higher education while their taxes go to pay for the maintenance of these very same institutions.  They hear the poor demand welfare as their as part of their rights and this pours salt upon the wounds.  The lower middle class is being played.  The lower middle class is being played off the poor and the upper middle class.  During hard times the American voter is like a buffalo, a creature with a fine sense of smell, but poor eye sight and the creature, now wounded and angry, charging, attacking first in one direction, then the other, not sure where the threat lies, it strikes out blindly.  The lower middle class becomes more reactionary and joins extremist organizations and hates the strangers in their midst.  They see the upper middle class as liberal Democrats who feel themselves morally superior and attacking them as racists while hiding within gated communities and hiding in the outer suburbs.  Looking at their situation abstractly one cannot help but sympathize with their views that they have a target painted upon their back.  But they are not the only ones with a target painted upon their backs.  The entire middle class as a whole is slowly being destroyed over the last thirty years.  The middle class is synonymous with our Democracy.  Without a strong middle class Democracy is replaced with an oligarchy.  Rule by a wealthy elite that I call crony Capitalism.  There is only one way to save your standard of living.  You must find common ground with this America, the lower middle class, the people that do all the living, loving, and dying in this country.  If you cannot reach them and through their pain, through their fear and anger, and make them see your way to a better future, then you will lose the battle for the future.  You must find common ground with your fellow countrymen no matter what the mass media says to drive a wedge between you.  As Thomas Paine said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

The world needs our leadership, it doesn’t want a new arms race, it doesn’t want wars without end.  It is YOUR duty to show them the way out of this maze.  Use the four reforms.  End the secret dirty war.  Reform the political system to heal the damage done.  End the arms race.  Begin a new Marshall Plan to replace military spending as the driving force in the world today.  People are not governments, people all over the world want to live their lives in peace, they don’t want to spend their wealth paying for the never ending arms race.  YOUR job is to lead them together using this common ground.  The internal reforms to our political system are the first step towards turning away from wars without end and to relieve human suffering in our country and abroad, preserve our natural environment, and to slowly engineer a more peaceful world.  Without these first few domestic reforms, the next vital steps will never take place.  Public funding of elections and paying elected officials modern executive salaries.  True political reform will flow from these first few steps, reforms necessary to change the direction of our country and to lead the world into an alternate future.  The tools of our deliverance and the tools of our salvation are at hand.  All that is lacking is the vision to see the path to peace and prosperity and the sheer unmitigated gall to take our collective destiny firmly into our own hands and drive into a new age without hesitation, without fear, and without doubt.  The politicians will not lead you there.  One charismatic leader will not get you there.  YOU are the agents of reform, masters of your own salvation, freedom, peace and prosperity are your destiny.  A gift you give your children, and the epitaph of our generation.  One day they will say of us, they will say of us all that we saw clearly as if in a time of dreams, we the people of the world awoke and together changed the course of the coming Century with our own two hands. The author wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the work of Barbara Jordan and Saul Alinsky to this short speech.

Marshall Gregory Thomas

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