Dangerous Opportunity

Dangerous opportunity

Hello people, my name is Marshall Gregory Thomas. Our world is facing a dangerous situation, a situation that is also an opportunity. A few Army intelligence officers are using classified anti-personnel weapons in a secret dirty war of torture and assassination targeting innocent men, women, and even children. Most victims are political activists and whistleblowers being used as human guinea pigs in a classified Army weapons development program. The Active Denial System ADS is a public nonlethal microwave weapon that heats your skin to 130 degrees F and feels like you’re touching a red hot frying pan. It’s a pain amplification device engineered not to kill, so people will accept the new weapons. The political activists and whistleblowers are being attacked in their homes and workplaces with classified weapons that operate on the same basic principle. The classified military weapons deliver non-ionizing radiation, similar to a microwave oven, that heats up their bodies and they’ll eventually die from heart attack or cancer, or become forced suicides to try to escape the endless torture. These terminal experiments are designedto force a suicide or premature death from non-ionizing radiation. A few military intelligence officers are allegedly using classified anti-personnel weapons to target potential enemies on a hit list, and anyone who might attempt to stop them. This nightmare began in the 1950’s when the Russians attacked the US embassy in Moscow with microwave weapons. In response the US began a secret crash program to develop microwave weapons in places like Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was invented in secret. There’s a long history of using US citizens as human guinea pigs and making hit lists of political activists, all during the Cold War in programs such as MKULTRA, Cointelpro, and the Human Guinea Pig Experiments. Today a similar criminal program uses microwave weapons torture to neutralize people who fit a common profile while they perfect the new weapons. Vigilante violence is also directed at targets. They’re tracked with GPS technology and harassed in public in a stalking game called organized stalking. To end these crimes I recommend authorities detain the alleged criminals and disarm the elite 704th military intelligence brigade using all necessary force. To learn what kind of people we are dealing with, please Google Lt Col Michael Aquino, spelled AQUINO and learn about his involvement in cults, child molestation, and extremely low frequency ELF weapons. More evidence is free online in books and films titled MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program. The perpetrators will use a shoot the messenger strategy, smearing me as a racist, sexual deviant, or mentally ill drug addict in order to change the subject away from their crimes. Please, focus on the four facts and just the facts. One, public microwave weapons exist. Two, there’s a prior pattern of similar criminal behavior. Three, hundreds of credible witnesses and victims have testified. Four, persons of interest in Army intelligence are named, persons who must be investigated. I have witnessed the torture of women and children in their own homes. These people are not just statistics to me. Many of the victims fought against segregation, they demonstrated against the Vietnam War, or more recently they’ve reported criminal activity in powerful government agencies and corporations. Their struggle to make a better world has landed them on a hit list, and now they are being used as human guinea pigs to perfect weapons similar to the Active Denial System (ADS). This is a very dangerous situation, but without action this nightmare will spread. The most I feel I can ask of others is that they look inside their hearts, and if they wish to fight for the victims, I humbly ask that they join me in protest. Please stay home on the next work day and join me in a protest to demonstrate our refusal to cooperate with government until our just demands are met. It is a small gesture, but out of many such small gestures may come a great wave of change. We deserve answers, we demand answers, when did the campaign of torture and murder begin, how many are involved, who has been targeted, at what cost. I suggest four reforms that make it less likely this terror will be repeated. It is time to turn away from wars without end and seek to change the world with butter instead of bullets. We cannot continue to depend upon fortress America to keep us safe. We must actively transform the world with a new treaty to secure world peace, and a new Marshall Plan to control hunger and disease. In the future people will look back upon this time and see in this moment a crucial test in the never ending battle to preserve human spiritual and intellectual freedom. We are facing the question of our generation. If it pleases the creator of all things, then let it be recorded that we rose to the challenge of our age, slew the worst demons of our own nature that threatened to destroy us, and began a new age of peace. There’s much more I wish to say but no time. My special thanks to all those who’ve sacrificed, to make this day possible, thank you and God bless all.  Marshall Thomas

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