Building an Organization Around Monarch Concepts

Organizational Development and Long Range Planning:

ONE: STAFF: The staff creation will reach milestones at 100 days (1-2) and 180 days (3-5).

War Room; press liaison, public relations, video production for TV and internet (1)

Production and Accounting; sales of books and films, manufacture, distribution, accounting (2)

Planning and Organizational Development; (3)

Political Liaison; (4)

Science initiatives (5)

TWO: Organizational Development; partnerships with triads: Government/NGO/Corporate. Year one; flagship projects proposed & accepted; location chosen; initiative begins.

THREE: Political initiatives: Four Goals: End the war, 28th Amendment, Security treaty, Marshall Plan. The progress of initiatives is measured in years and decades.

FOUR: Technological Goals; Communications, Medicine, Energy

The staff will consist of four distinct sections, war room for PR, Production and accounting for revenue, planning and organizational development for coordinating between triad of govt/NGO/corp and how these triads work on political and technological goals. The political liaison staff will drive the political initiatives (4) forward, and scientific staff will husband the technology projects (3).

There should be a fourth component of staff that integrates all the components such that they work together and interrelate, example: the science initiative will be a triad of govt/NGO/corp that shares money from production and funds bioelectric medicine to develop medical breakthroughs, these are then used to enhance the Marshall Plan. The war room uses the success to generate PR, goodwill, and raises funds for more research.

The time frame for bringing all the components online is one year, their number is the order of their creation.


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