Collective Security Treaty

Collective Security Treaty

Beginnings are very delicate times and this moment in history is so very rare, so let us proceed with caution, humility, and determination to see a new world emerge from the old. We are living in a very special time in history and it is our duty as human beings to fulfill a personal responsibility in this time of trial. We are living in interesting times and it is clear that the world must change.

The current system of international relations is a free for all of every man for himself. Without imposing rules of the road it is certain that like the last century, this new one will be a story written in blood. What is advocated is a new international agreement on the rules of the road for nations and the means of enforcing those rules. I am advocating four goals among which is a treaty that establishes an international police force and a world court to enforce the peace of the world. The treaty includes nuclear disarmament and other key elements central to continued peace and prosperity.


The creation of the nation state over 350 years ago led to a system of competition between nations, leading in turn to constant conflict. There has been and will continue to be a never ending battle for regional and world domination. Nations routinely invade their neighbors and violate the human rights of their own citizens. It is a matter of survival for us to change this state of affairs for the better. The present means of keeping the peace is a balance of power between nations, which historically always fails with catastrophic consequences. What the world is facing is a WWI scenario where a host of alliances draw nations into an unintentional war fought with nuclear weapons. The peace of the world demands international rules of the road that constrain the worst excesses of nation states in their relations among each other and with their citizens. The international conscience must be able to assert itself to defend against the waging of aggressive war and genocide.


The present state of economic and world affairs is in a stage of transition with many different nations emerging as regional and world powers. The world balance of power is shifting and becoming more precarious and unstable. The US has the most powerful military technology and has no immediate rivals for military supremacy. However it is clear that a nation with 4% of the world’s population cannot continue indefinitely to bear the burden of policeman for world peace and defender of international law. The US and its allies cannot leave the dominant position without creating chaos, unless something takes its place as the defender of international law and the peace of the world. What is wanted is a smooth and gradual transition to a new system, because nature abhors a vacuum. This is not a call for unilateral disarmament or isolationism, quite the opposite. Western leadership will transcend military supremacy and be enshrined through a new Marshall Plan as the basis for pacifying restive regions of the world. Japan is an example of a nation without a large standing army or nuclear weapons. They survive protected under the US security umbrella. The new international force will be charged with defending all international borders from aggression, and in time nations will rely on this protection more and will not feel the need to fund large standing armies or advanced weapons systems to guarantee their security. Once the international police force has proven its ability to defend the weak from the strong, then like Japan, nations will gradually begin to fund priorities other than large standing armies or advanced weapons systems. This program is one that evolves over time and does not demand unilateral disarmament of any nation. The world will gradually become a less chaotic place in an evolutionary manner.


It is fair and logical to ask the question, why not continue to use military superiority to guarantee national security? Why fix what isn’t broken? The window of clear military superiority is narrowing and will continue to do so. The invention of new weapons systems of greater and greater destructive power has reached a point known as the law of diminishing returns. The arms race itself now threatens our very survival and should it continue humanity will all but destroy itself. We have reached the point in human history where we must either change or die. Western civilization can lead the world upon a new path. We can and will win the peace.


The means of peace enforcement will be a robust military force comprised of a patchwork of treaty nations used to enforce the judgment of a world court. Without enforcement power all laws are just words and pieces of paper. Like the squares on a chess board the separate pieces make a whole. The mandate for use of the force is limited under the treaty, and if the world court tries to overstep its bounds then the many nations withdraw their support and their troops stay home. The world court acts as a traffic cop to enforce a narrow mandate and is not the basis for a world government. Treaty nations participate and cooperate on the basis of mutual interest to fulfill their treaty obligations. They cannot be compelled to do so against their will. The world court must be impartial or the treaty nations will divide into separate camps. If the new paradigm succeeds then catastrophic wars like those of the last century will be avoided and the wealth of nations may go towards a new Marshall Plan designed to control hunger and disease, and to preserve our planetary ecology.


The main enemies of peace are criminal leaders that make the decision to attack their neighbors and their own populations. These are conscious decisions to commit mass murder for profit and political advantage. War is a conscious choice, it is not a traffic accident. The central idea is to influence their calculation so they realize the profit and power they seek through war will instead lead to military defeat and eventual imprisonment and death. In twenty years the rules of the road will become enshrined in the minds, if not the hearts of men. The vision of a 70 nation army ready to push back an army of aggression will make even the biggest bullies on the block think twice. The dream of ending war once and for all is unattainable, and human nature will remain what it is, but changing the calculus of aggression is attainable.


It is self evident that in the whole history of Civilization there have only been a few brief periods of world peace. War has always been with us and probably always will be until such time as the world is destroyed. There is no other conclusion in the age of nuclear weapons and even more terrible inventions lurking on the horizon. The worldwide arms race is the never ending contest to invent such powerful weapons that no one would dare start a war…except someone always does. Weapons labs and scientists with unlimited funds are driving us towards a doomsday weapon, and that day may be closer than we think. Please remember that nuclear weapons were invented in secret and used before the world knew of their existence. There is no reason to believe that the next step in weapons technology will be a scenario that is any different.


Dynamite was patented in 1867 and nuclear weapons were invented in 1945, a span of about 80 years. Using this as our yardstick gives us about a dozen years to spare before a new scale of destruction is realized. We have reached the end of an age of innocence and begun a new age of responsibility.


Without new rules in place to guide the international community hundreds of millions of people will be murdered in conflicts both external and internal. The victims will be civilians killed by a foreign military and people murdered by their own governments. Should a WWI scenario take place with nuclear weapons the West will be left to clean up the insurmountable mess, if they survive. Should the current great powers emerge as victors they will have been destroyed financially, politically, and spiritually. Their time of major relevance will have passed, much like the colonial powers after WWII.


There is an implicit understanding that all current world leaders who join the treaty nations will not feel sanction for past transgression. Gradual nuclear disarmament will be factored into the treaty. Effective means of confronting genocide will be included. The international force will practice regularly and will function as an international emergency assistance force during national disasters. All member states will receive immediate massive humanitarian aid and life saving assistance during earth quakes, hurricanes, and similar events. The force will win hearts and minds by saving lives and alleviating suffering.


This may seem like a rather roundabout means of avoiding endless war, or nuclear war, but the present alternative of assassinating enemy leadership with drones only embitters the enemy, much like aerial bombing of cities in WWII only served to steel the determination of target civilian populations. Fortress America is a strategy that has involved us in multiple wars and extreme financial expense without achieving the results we desire. Gradual nuclear disarmament and nation building done outside of war zones is a much less expensive and more effective means of guaranteeing long term safety. It is probable that collective security and the new Marshall Plan will take two decades to reach a tipping point. By using Western medicines, agricultural science, and educational methods, the US and its allies instill the values that are our greatest strength. Communism fell to the force of western ideals, not to western weapons technology. So to may the forces of intolerance and chaos yield to humanitarian and scientific initiatives that demonstrate superior moral and ethical values. The problem of endless war is beyond the ability of nation states to solve under the current international system. This new initiative will slowly cool the fires of conflict and feed the just ambitions of humanity for attainment of a reasonable standard of living, and a healthy and productive life.


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