Dangerous Opportunity

Dangerous opportunity

Hello people, my name is Marshall Gregory Thomas. Our world is facing a dangerous situation, a situation that is also an opportunity. A few Army intelligence officers are using classified anti-personnel weapons in a secret dirty war of torture and assassination targeting innocent men, women, and even children. Most victims are political activists and whistleblowers being used as human guinea pigs in a classified Army weapons development program. The Active Denial System ADS is a public nonlethal microwave weapon that heats your skin to 130 degrees F and feels like you’re touching a red hot frying pan. It’s a pain amplification device engineered not to kill, so people will accept the new weapons. The political activists and whistleblowers are being attacked in their homes and workplaces with classified weapons that operate on the same basic principle. The classified military weapons deliver non-ionizing radiation, similar to a microwave oven, that heats up their bodies and they’ll eventually die from heart attack or cancer, or become forced suicides to try to escape the endless torture. These terminal experiments are designedto force a suicide or premature death from non-ionizing radiation. A few military intelligence officers are allegedly using classified anti-personnel weapons to target potential enemies on a hit list, and anyone who might attempt to stop them. This nightmare began in the 1950’s when the Russians attacked the US embassy in Moscow with microwave weapons. In response the US began a secret crash program to develop microwave weapons in places like Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was invented in secret. There’s a long history of using US citizens as human guinea pigs and making hit lists of political activists, all during the Cold War in programs such as MKULTRA, Cointelpro, and the Human Guinea Pig Experiments. Today a similar criminal program uses microwave weapons torture to neutralize people who fit a common profile while they perfect the new weapons. Vigilante violence is also directed at targets. They’re tracked with GPS technology and harassed in public in a stalking game called organized stalking. To end these crimes I recommend authorities detain the alleged criminals and disarm the elite 704th military intelligence brigade using all necessary force. To learn what kind of people we are dealing with, please Google Lt Col Michael Aquino, spelled AQUINO and learn about his involvement in cults, child molestation, and extremely low frequency ELF weapons. More evidence is free online in books and films titled MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program. The perpetrators will use a shoot the messenger strategy, smearing me as a racist, sexual deviant, or mentally ill drug addict in order to change the subject away from their crimes. Please, focus on the four facts and just the facts. One, public microwave weapons exist. Two, there’s a prior pattern of similar criminal behavior. Three, hundreds of credible witnesses and victims have testified. Four, persons of interest in Army intelligence are named, persons who must be investigated. I have witnessed the torture of women and children in their own homes. These people are not just statistics to me. Many of the victims fought against segregation, they demonstrated against the Vietnam War, or more recently they’ve reported criminal activity in powerful government agencies and corporations. Their struggle to make a better world has landed them on a hit list, and now they are being used as human guinea pigs to perfect weapons similar to the Active Denial System (ADS). This is a very dangerous situation, but without action this nightmare will spread. The most I feel I can ask of others is that they look inside their hearts, and if they wish to fight for the victims, I humbly ask that they join me in protest. Please stay home on the next work day and join me in a protest to demonstrate our refusal to cooperate with government until our just demands are met. It is a small gesture, but out of many such small gestures may come a great wave of change. We deserve answers, we demand answers, when did the campaign of torture and murder begin, how many are involved, who has been targeted, at what cost. I suggest four reforms that make it less likely this terror will be repeated. It is time to turn away from wars without end and seek to change the world with butter instead of bullets. We cannot continue to depend upon fortress America to keep us safe. We must actively transform the world with a new treaty to secure world peace, and a new Marshall Plan to control hunger and disease. In the future people will look back upon this time and see in this moment a crucial test in the never ending battle to preserve human spiritual and intellectual freedom. We are facing the question of our generation. If it pleases the creator of all things, then let it be recorded that we rose to the challenge of our age, slew the worst demons of our own nature that threatened to destroy us, and began a new age of peace. There’s much more I wish to say but no time. My special thanks to all those who’ve sacrificed, to make this day possible, thank you and God bless all.  Marshall Thomas

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Seeking God

Seeking God:

All human beings are by definition God seeking. They search for greater meaning in life as part of their basic human constitution. I was an atheist in a lifelong quest for God. I began a spiritual path at 25 that culminated at 37 when a mystical experience in the mountains brought me in direct contact with the divine presence. God is everywhere, existing outside of time and space, not just here, but across the entire universe. All people, all living things, even the most humble among us, carry within them a part of the eternal, a part of the sacred and divine. I believe that any human being is capable of the direct experience of God. This experience is an ecstatic joy beyond description.

I am a humble man, with a good heart who willingly traveled a hard path. I have been granted extraordinary abilities for the purpose of serving mankind in the hour of its darkest night. I was chosen not because of some innate superiority, but because of my journey through the fires of hell. Incredible human suffering transformed me. I do not have all the answers. I do not call all the shots. I am a human being who bleeds and cries, just like you. I make mistakes every day and I strive to do better. I bring gifts for all people, answers to the questions that seemingly have no answers. I bring a new definition of what it means to be human, and a new value upon human life, a new value on our world.

We stand upon the cusp of heaven and hell. From this point forward humanity will either move in the direction of God, and live out the meaning of our creed…or we will spiral downward into an abyss and go into the darkness forever. Evil exists and works its will in this world. I am calling upon all people to take direct personal responsibility for their own future, the future of their nation, and the future of the world. Throw off your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Stand up and join together in order to grasp the reins of destiny in your own two hands. This moment will not come again.

I suggest four goals to move human events in the right direction. End the secret dirty war on political activists and whistleblowers. Reform our domestic politics from the influence of wealth. Sign a collective security treaty to end the arms race. A new Marshall Plan to control hunger and disease, and preserve the our planetary environment. There are no perfect solutions, or instantaneous transformations that will solve the problems that confront us. There are only the deliberate changes we make every day in our lives, and the gradual transformation that comes from placing one foot in front of the other. The changes I suggest will take several generations to blossom. Our expectations must accept that this is the work of a lifetime.

These gifts do not belong to one nation, one race, or one religion. These gifts do not belong to one man. All people are one family, brothers and sisters without exception. The truth of this cannot be denied, even as we sometimes blindly persecute one another on the basis of our perceived differences. God loves us and has granted us free will. We are free to choose good or evil. We are free to succeed or fail. It is not written whether humanity will join with God in ecstatic vision, or whether we will give in to fear and hate and destroy ourselves. It is written that it is our duty to try. It is written that now is the hour of destiny for all God’s children. Let us honor that love, let us join together and move in the direction of a loving God.

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Secret Dirty War

Mall Speech: Secret Dirty War

What brings us together today is not political reform, what brings us together is the crisis of the hour.  Technological breakthroughs in military science have produced a secret weapon, a revolution in military affairs in electronic warfare that turns the world upside down.  The term revolution in military affairs or RMA is a military science term.  Historical examples of previous RMA’s are the invention of firearms or the invention of nuclear weapons.  The invention of firearms meant that virtually all other weapons that came before were now obsolete and that a few hundred men armed with firearms might take over entire nations and turn the existing political and social structure upside down.  If Nazi Germany had invented nuclear weapons in 1940 and had one hundred nuclear bombs, they could have taken over the entire world.  The new RMA would have been the key to total world domination and a one world fascist government.  The current RMA in electronic warfare means that the existing military, political, and social order can be overthrown by those who wield this sword of power, a secret weapon that makes all other weapons obsolete.  Just as the atomic bomb was invented in secret at the Los Alamos government weapons labs, a new weapon of equally destructive potential has been invented in secret.  This new breakthrough in electronic warfare is a secret weapon that makes it possible to kill anyone, anywhere in a manner that is plausibly deniable.  The real cause of death is hidden.  There are no chemical or biological traces, no bullet fragments on the body of the victim.  The target is attacked with electromagnetic energy and dies from heart attack or cancer that looks like a natural cause of death, thus plausibly deniable.  It is the perfect crime.  This is a power that tyrants, murders, and mad men have dreamed of for centuries, total power over all other human beings without consequences.  There is nothing new under the sun and this type of criminal activity has happened before.  Previous illegal government programs like the human guinea pig experiments, Cointelpro, and MKULTRA used more than half a million US citizens as experimental subjects and targets during the Cold War. The late Dr. MLK was the most high profile target of government hit lists in the 1960’s.  Cointelpro was run by the FBI to destroy political activists and their organizations.  FBI director J. Edgar Hoover personally sent Dr. King a letter attempting to force him to commit suicide.  With this new RMA in microwave weapons Hoover could have used the weapons to neutralize King with plausible deniability.  You would have read in the newspaper one day that Dr. King had died from a heart attack or cancer or even suicide.  Dr. King and his movement would have died prematurely before the civil rights movement could have gained real momentum in society.  Hoover would have gotten away with the perfect crime.  Today a few intelligence officers have jealously guarded the secret weapon and have used this power for their own selfish purposes.  They are generally using the weapons on political activists and whistleblowers, people who fit a common profile.  These targets are considered potential enemies and they are enrolled into a program of torture and experimentation designed to perfect the new weapons, perfect the science of behavior modification, and neutralize people who fit a common profile.  The terminal experiments are designed to force a suicide, institutionalization, or death from non-ionizing radiation.  This is a very dangerous situation, much like when an dangerous animal is trapped with no way out.  It is important to use extreme caution to avoid mass casualties.  The only way to stop these dangerous criminals is to publicly expose them, surround them so they are trapped, cut off their supply of money and resources, and make the soldiers of their elite military intelligence brigade abandon their officers and stop the attacks on innocent civilians.  We must demand of our leaders that they disarm the elite 704th military intelligence brigade using the 82nd airborne division and place it under the direct control of CENTCOM.  To bring the secret dirty war to an end we must demand the five reforms.  1. Disarm all electromagnetic weapons systems.  2. Open all records and secret archives.  3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission, and for those who continue criminal activity, Nuremburg like tribunals.  4. Convene an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons with both public and private verification systems because we cannot accept the government’s word alone that the secret dirty war is over.  5. Finally, an international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush its internal enemies with impunity. If a President or general, or high government official imprisons, tortures, or murders their political opponents then they must be sure that they will end their days in a prison cell.  To heal our Democracy and ensure that this type of crime might never happen again I suggest four goals.  These four goals represent the intent of repairing damage done to Democracy and improve human health and security throughout the world in a peaceful manner.  Over time to engineer a more peaceful world.  ONE: End the secret dirty war through the five reforms.  TWO: Domestic political reform to repair the damage done to Democracy.  THREE: End the world wide arms race in nuclear and conventional weapons through collective security agreements.  FOUR:  A plan of scientific and humanitarian initiatives to replace military spending as the driving economic and political force in the world.  Failure to institute real reform will mean that these crimes may end temporarily, but like previous illegal government programs, they will simply go underground for a while, then begin again in secret.  I believe in the power of our democracy to reform it’s flaws and to heal the wounds of the past and I give the responsibility of this task to you, every individual who lives today to enjoy the blessings of liberty.  We are a nation of laws and only this makes us different, but it makes all the difference.  We are a nation that is self correcting, self healing, intellectually fantastic, and revolutionary.  We owe it to the memory of those who fought in the past and those who fight today to do our duty to form a more perfect union.  The world needs leadership and now is the time to begin.  The world doesn’t want a new arms race and wars without end.

Thomas Paine, the famous revolutionary, wrote about the British government of his day, “We must not confuse the peoples (of the world) with their governments.”  “In spite of professions of friendship, (to each other)…they are not a court (a government) to be trusted, but an insane court, plunging into quarrels, in quest of war to satisfy its folly and countenance its extravagance.”  “Most newspapers are directly in the pay of the government, or indirectly under its orders, and that those papers constantly distort and attack (the revolution in France) in order to deceive the nation.”  “The government seems to be (filling) its need for a foe, for unless it finds one somewhere, no pretext (no excuse) exists for the enormous revenue and taxation now deemed necessary.”  “The government appears to be saying, “if nobody will be so kind as to become my foe (my enemy), I shall need no more fleets nor armies, and shall be forced to reduce my taxes.”  “The American war enabled me (the British government) to double the taxes.”  “If the miseries of war, and the flood of evils it spreads over a country, did not check all inclination to mirth, and turn laughter into grief, the frantic conduct of the government of England would only excite ridicule.”  “But it is impossible to banish from one’s mind the images of suffering which the contemplation of such policy presents.”  “To reason with governments, as they have existed for ages, is to argue with brutes.”  “It is only from the nations themselves (the people) that reforms can be expected.”  “There ought not now to exist any doubt that the peoples (of the world) enlightened and enlightening each other, shall henceforth be able, not merely to give the world an example of good government, but by their united influence enforce its practice.”

Thomas Paine speaks to us today from across the centuries.  We are involved in wars without end while our collective wealth is plundered.  When America smiles and dreams big the whole world smiles, but when America turns mean and confused the world no longer spins in a greased groove.  The lower middle class make 30 or 40 thousand a year, besides the teachers most have never been past high school.  By lower middle class I mean the hard hats, police, fire, teachers, sanitation, civil service, mechanics, electricians, janitors, cooks, clerks.  The people who belong to unions that over the twentieth century were responsible for creating the middle class in the first place. The banksters have gamed the system and destroyed the economy for years so they could get in, get theirs, and get out.  The banksters took the money and ran and nobody raised a hand to stop them.  It is a violation of our social compact.  Today the lower middle class live with unfulfilled dreams and fear.  Fear that they are losing the dream of owning their own home, fear of losing the dream of sending their children to college, fear of losing their dream of retiring with dignity.  When times get hard people get mean.  They view the unemployed poor as basically parasites who get massive government funds paid for by them, the lower middle class.  They see the poor going to college on financial aid paid for by them, the “public”, and in many cases they are denied higher education while their taxes go to pay for the maintenance of these very same institutions.  They hear the poor demand welfare as their as part of their rights and this pours salt upon the wounds.  The lower middle class is being played.  The lower middle class is being played off the poor and the upper middle class.  During hard times the American voter is like a buffalo, a creature with a fine sense of smell, but poor eye sight and the creature, now wounded and angry, charging, attacking first in one direction, then the other, not sure where the threat lies, it strikes out blindly.  The lower middle class becomes more reactionary and joins extremist organizations and hates the strangers in their midst.  They see the upper middle class as liberal Democrats who feel themselves morally superior and attacking them as racists while hiding within gated communities and hiding in the outer suburbs.  Looking at their situation abstractly one cannot help but sympathize with their views that they have a target painted upon their back.  But they are not the only ones with a target painted upon their backs.  The entire middle class as a whole is slowly being destroyed over the last thirty years.  The middle class is synonymous with our Democracy.  Without a strong middle class Democracy is replaced with an oligarchy.  Rule by a wealthy elite that I call crony Capitalism.  There is only one way to save your standard of living.  You must find common ground with this America, the lower middle class, the people that do all the living, loving, and dying in this country.  If you cannot reach them and through their pain, through their fear and anger, and make them see your way to a better future, then you will lose the battle for the future.  You must find common ground with your fellow countrymen no matter what the mass media says to drive a wedge between you.  As Thomas Paine said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

The world needs our leadership, it doesn’t want a new arms race, it doesn’t want wars without end.  It is YOUR duty to show them the way out of this maze.  Use the four reforms.  End the secret dirty war.  Reform the political system to heal the damage done.  End the arms race.  Begin a new Marshall Plan to replace military spending as the driving force in the world today.  People are not governments, people all over the world want to live their lives in peace, they don’t want to spend their wealth paying for the never ending arms race.  YOUR job is to lead them together using this common ground.  The internal reforms to our political system are the first step towards turning away from wars without end and to relieve human suffering in our country and abroad, preserve our natural environment, and to slowly engineer a more peaceful world.  Without these first few domestic reforms, the next vital steps will never take place.  Public funding of elections and paying elected officials modern executive salaries.  True political reform will flow from these first few steps, reforms necessary to change the direction of our country and to lead the world into an alternate future.  The tools of our deliverance and the tools of our salvation are at hand.  All that is lacking is the vision to see the path to peace and prosperity and the sheer unmitigated gall to take our collective destiny firmly into our own hands and drive into a new age without hesitation, without fear, and without doubt.  The politicians will not lead you there.  One charismatic leader will not get you there.  YOU are the agents of reform, masters of your own salvation, freedom, peace and prosperity are your destiny.  A gift you give your children, and the epitaph of our generation.  One day they will say of us, they will say of us all that we saw clearly as if in a time of dreams, we the people of the world awoke and together changed the course of the coming Century with our own two hands. The author wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the work of Barbara Jordan and Saul Alinsky to this short speech.

Marshall Gregory Thomas

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Marshall Thomas Passport Photo

Snapshot 1 (7-22-2012 8-18 AM)

This passport photo is from 2004 during a relapse of my illness. My trachea stands out with great definition because I weigh about 120lbs having quickly lost 60lbs. My parents convinced me to move home to recover. They later told me they thought I was going to die. It is during a relapse of my illness that I have said and done things I deeply regret. Please give weight to how I have lived my life, and not my statements made under extreme duress.

This is how I normally appear (lazing around in bed 🙂

I honestly don’t hate anyone, in fact I have used my empathy and love for others to progress and accomplish great things…with a little help 🙂

I anticipate people saying that I am a drug addict or worse…so here is my recent drug test, all negative.

sorry hard to read, my websites on google have a legible document.

I am planning on getting tested every 90 days to prove that I am not on drugs. Anyone else in public life doing that that doesn’t explicitly have to do so under contract ?

I anticipate that I will be called crazy. I attempted to prove otherwise, but outside of expensive court ordered evaluations it is difficult to “prove yourself sane”. However, I have taken several self evaluations online and will gladly submit to evaluation is someone else will pay the considerable expense. Here are copies of the self evaluations.

I know these don’t really PROVE anything, but it seemed like I needed to make the effort. It looks like I am moderately narcissistic, but I knew that already 🙂

I’d like to give a shout out to friends and family and tell them it is perfectly ok to talk about me and my personality, life, whatever, with the media. Thanks to the people who have been there for me in this life. Thank you all and God Bless

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Collective Security Treaty

Collective Security Treaty
May the author of all creation smile down upon our humble human race and allow that the destiny of men remains their own, and that the light of human consciousness will not be extinguished, nor allow us to shy from the never ending battle for human intellectual and spiritual freedom. Beginnings are delicate times, and this moment in history is so very rare, so let us proceed with caution, humility, and determination to see the new world emerge from the old.
The current system of international relations is a free for all of every man for himself. Without imposing rules of the road, it is certain that like the last Century, this one will be a story written in blood. What is advocated is a new international agreement on the rules of the road for nations and a means of enforcing those rules. Nonviolent civil disobedience is the tool of the hour for people to join together across all boundaries and demand change from the status quo. We are living in a very special time in history, and it is our duty as human beings to fulfill a personal responsibility in this time of trial. We are living on borrowed time and it is clear that the world must change. With this in mind I am advocating four goals, among which are a treaty for a world court to enforce the peace of the world and an international military force to enforce the rules of the road. The treaty includes nuclear disarmament and other key elements, central to continued human health and happiness.
The creation of the nation state led to a system of competition between nations, leading in turn to constant conflict. The concepts of Humanity and Democracy are not necessarily in the interest of the nation state, and not part of the new order of nation states that began over 350 years ago. The concept of territorial integrity and individual human rights are not respected, nations interfere in each other’s internal affairs, violate their territorial integrity, and violate the basic human rights of their own citizens historically with impunity. It is a matter of survival for us to change this state of affairs for the better. The concept of a balance of power as a means of keeping the peace among nations historically fails. What we are facing in the future is a WWI scenario where a host of alliances draw nations into an unintentional war fought with nuclear weapons. In the age of state sponsored terrorism and WMD, the peace of the world demands international rules of the road that constrain the worst excesses of nation states in their relations among each other and their citizens. The international conscience must be able to assert itself to defend individual human rights and end systematic criminality such as waging aggressive war, and genocide.
The US has the most powerful military technology and presently has no immediate rivals for military supremacy. Having said this, it is clear the US can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman and this is probably no longer desirable anyway. One nation with 4% of the world population cannot sustain military superiority throughout the world indefinitely. America began as the original anti-colonial nation which defeated the world’s greatest super power in a guerilla war over two hundred years ago. The people of the US have historically had no taste for foreign intrigue and empire. Before WWII the US did not maintain a large standing army. The people of the US have historically seen the role of US military might as the world’s policeman, protecting freedom from tyranny and protecting the weak from the strong. Foreign intervention was either driven by our role as a protector of the weak, or from less admirable motives. America was not entirely without self-interest, but in a world without a robust US, the last 100 years might have been disastrous for Civilization, and the human rights the world holds so dear.
The present state of economic and military affairs is in a transition stage. The world balance of power is shifting and becoming more precarious and unstable. What is wanting today is a smooth transition to a new paradigm because nature abhors a vacuum. The US cannot leave the dominant position without creating chaos, unless something else takes up the role of defender of freedom against tyranny. Unilateral disarmament is not being advocated here. US leadership and vision can transcend military supremacy and become enshrined through a new means of world peace and tranquility. A new Marshall Plan will be the basis for passifying the restive regions of the world. Collective security agreements will project force and keep the peace by creating an international police force. Developed nations will augment the top down peace enforcement with a bottom up strategy of humanitarian and scientific initiatives to improve the quality of life with health and education. The world will gradually become a less chaotic place in an evolutionary manner. It is fair and logical to ask the question, why not just continue to use military superiority to guarantee national security? Why fix what’s not broken. The window of clear military superiority is narrowing and will continue to do so. The continued arms race will result in a host of potential bad outcomes, some catastrophic. The worst will eventually happen unless we use a different strategy. Should the arms race continue, then humanity will all but destroy itself. Humanity must change or die. We will lead them on the path.
The main enemies of peace are the leaders of nations who make decisions to attack their neighbors, their own populations, and build weapons of mass destruction for these purposes. The central idea behind keeping the peace is to affect the mental calculus of national leaders and dissuade them from making these kinds of decisions for personal or national advantage. Rules must be agreed upon that will stop the strong from taking over the weak. Minority populations within countries must be protected from elimination actions such as ethnic cleansing, mass murder, and genocide. In addition, the world wide arms race in nuclear and conventional weapons must end. The manner of interpretation of these rules shall be a world court, a judicial body to interpret and order enforcement of the rules. The means of enforcement of this collective security must be real and as such must be a military force comprised of a patchwork of member nations capable of robust military action to enforce the judgments of the court. Without enforcement power all rules and laws are just words and pieces of paper. If we succeed then catastrophic wars will be avoided and the wealth of nations may go to science and human health and education rather than huge armies and weapons of greater and greater destructive power. If we adapt and change then the light of world consciousness will not go out.
100 Ritual Schools of Thought Contend: The concept of a multipolar world made up of many nations who hold aspirations for global and regional leadership appears to be the new reality. Already in the new century one sees China and India as emerging rivals while China aids Pakistan to build nuclear weapons in an alliance against India. Brazil, Turkey, and other emergent powers are contemplating acquiring nuclear weapons of their own. A nuclear arms race in the Middle East may set off nuclear programs in many of these emergent nations. This new dynamic recalls the Warring States Period in Chinese history, or the situation in Europe exactly 100 years ago when many nations held such aspirations and they formed interlocking alliances predicated on the concept of mutual defense and a balance of power. Stated simplistically, when one small nation attacked another, the entire set of alliances drew all nations into a cataclysmic war that destroyed everything that had come before.
It is self-evident that in the whole history of civilization there have only been a few brief periods of world peace. War has always been with us and so it may always be with us until such time that the world is destroyed. There is no other conclusion in the age of nuclear weapons and even more terrible inventions lurking on the horizon. The worldwide arms race is the never ending contest to invent such powerful weapons that no one would dare think to start a war. But someone always does. Weapons labs and scientists with unlimited funds are driving us towards a doomsday weapon, and maybe that day is closer than you think. Please recall that nuclear weapons were invented in secret and used before the world knew of their existence.
The nation state makes war when the leadership decides to go to war. It is not a traffic accident, it is a voluntary choice. In addition to wars across borders there are internal power struggles that become civil wars along the lines of ideology, race, religion, or more often a mixture. In addition to full-fledged war there are the crimes against internal populations such as ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the widespread torture and assassination of political enemies that most despots and dictators by definition engage in. In fact it is likely that nearly half of all nations take aim at domestic enemies whom they arrest, torture, and murder at will. The internal bloodletting can exceed the external and is perhaps the future defacto mode of the modern state, one that preys upon its own people.
In all these calamities there is a leadership and a group of people who are invested economically in the decisions to go to war or to murder. The rules of the road should address their calculations about why they war and kill and to influence this calculation to make such actions less likely to yield the results they seek, profit and power, and instead add up to hardship and imprisonment and death. The concept of the treaty is to identify the enemies of humanity as those leaders who war and kill and to separate them from their base population and their co-conspirators, and to cut them out of the herd and to bind and neutralize them. This standard method and eventual fate of criminal leadership will make the calculations of future leaders more certain that the path of war, mass murder, torture and assassination leads nowhere. First there have to be rules and mechanisms to enforce those rules, and second there have to be examples of those leaders and their cohorts who crossed the line and paid the ultimate price to make the point that war and genocide are futile. There are 200 nations and if nations are regularly divested of their tormentors then in one generation, even some of the biggest bullies on the block will think twice. That hesitation is exactly what our goal should be. In twenty years the rules of the road will become enshrined in the minds, if not the hearts of men. The quickest path to failure is to be too ambitious too soon. Choose the places where success is easiest, at the bottom, and move forward from there. If this sounds Utopian then one must be forced to admit the following.
Without new rules in place to guide the international community hundreds of millions of people will be murdered in conflicts both internal and external, that is, civilians who will be killed by the military of foreign governments in war and by their own government. (The majority of war dead are civilians.) War has not gone out of fashion in the 21st Century and the crimes of the last Century will be repeated. A WWI type scenario fought with nuclear weapons seems more and more likely every day. The United States and the West will be left to clean up the insurmountable mess, that is if they survive. The peace will be finite and more nuclear exchanges will follow the first. Should the current great powers emerge as victors they will be destroyed financially, politically, and spiritually. Their time of major relevance will have passed, much like the era of Colonial powers after WWII.
There have been numerous genocide type events since 1945. These were supposed to have been prevented, but were not, even after the signing of enough agreements against genocide to wall paper a house. The United Nations was meant to save us from this fate but it has so far failed to achieve complete success. One reason the UN has failed is that it represents primarily the rights of sovereign nations above those of individual human beings. It is now more necessary than ever to defend individual human rights, because in the age of incredible technological tools used in tandem with dictatorship, the rights of individuals are more in jeopardy than ever before. The eventuality of a terrorist nuclear attack is another reason to motivate peace loving nations to do away with nuclear weapons. If the weapons exist, they will be used at some point by non-state actors in an attempt to destroy the West.
World Court and International Bill of Rights: Clearly a different plan is needed. A new international convention on war, genocide, and human rights is in order. A collective military force composed of divisions from member nations should be created that will periodically practice together and is robust enough to defeat a determined foe. In short, the collective whole must be, generally speaking, greater than any single one of its parts. The mandate for the use of this new collective armed force is to guarantee the existing borders of member states ONLY. This means that if Iraq invades Kuwait the international force is required by treaty to use force to expel the invader and return the borders to their previous location. This mandate alone, enforcing previously agreed upon borders, is the sole mission of the collective armed force and these ground forces may not be used for any other reason. The net result should eventually be a seventy (70) nation army prepared to defend the border security and border integrity of all member nations. This organization will preclude the necessity of any one nation being the international peace keeper for the entire world. It will fill the void left by the US, and will protect the weak nations from being absorbed by the strong ones. It may be that preserving borders is very much akin to fighting the last war. Open war across borders may not be the biggest problem in the new Century.
Definitions: Genocide and elimination type events wherein heads of state mass murder their own citizens will be addressed. The international community will place a multimillion dollar bounty on a national leader who uses genocide and mass murder as an instrument of state power. Government ministers and generals may have multimillion dollar bounties as well. A special fund will be established for this purpose. The court action will protect domestic political opponents from torture/assassination as well as internal populations such as indigenous people and minorities. Any head of state who engages in such actions against their own citizens is an enemy of humanity and will be treated as such. Member nations will be required to detain all suspect criminals and curtail all related economic activity. Those who follow the rules and economically isolate the foe will receive just compensation from the member states. Military force along the lines of an air campaign may be used to actively stop an ongoing genocide by attacking the hostile military force or its proxy. The limitation about using the full military might of member nations should remain in place to avoid splitting up the alliance and over reaching by the court.
Potential criminal heads of state will make the political calculation that genocide and elimination actions such as ethnic cleansing are not going to pay off if they face the certainty of economic sanction, limited military force, and eventual prosecution by the international court or arrest and even assassination by their own people. These rules will only begin to be enforced broadly in about the tenth year of the agreement to spare existing national leaders of member nations the harsh glare of laws they mutually agree to. There is an implicit understanding that the current leaders who sign will probably not feel sanction for past transgression. The international defense force will practice regularly and will function as an international emergency assistance force during natural disasters. All member states receive immediate massive humanitarian aid during earth quakes, hurricanes, and similar events. The force may aid non-member states at the discretion of the world court. It is expected that the international defense force and the world court will gradually make the world less chaotic, and open up a space for defense spending reductions and gradual nuclear disarmament. Since 1945 Japan has been under the US security umbrella which has allowed them to do without a large standing army or nuclear weapons.
How I Learned to Hate the Bomb: Nuclear disarmament will preclude a large scale exchange triggered by events similar to those of WWI. The collective security paradigm will come about in stages.
First, Nations will join the international force by certifying their borders with their neighbors, then supplying a division (battalion, regiment), depending on their population. Nations will agree to defend international borders (members) without exception, and to begin mutual defense spending reductions in future years, and eventual mutual nuclear disarmament. Member nations agree to contribute to the mutual defense and abide by the decisions of the World Court. Second, Mediation of existing military conflicts and border disputes will go before the special court and will be decided there under binding arbitration rules. Third, Signatory nations will agree in the future to fund and staff the special court with nine internationally recognized jurists and to fund bounties placed upon criminal heads of state judged to be enemies of humanity. They will agree to arrest all such persons within their borders and exclude economic ties with such persons and their dependents or agents. They will support limited military attacks such as air campaigns to stop genocide when called upon by the special court and supply the mutual defense forces to do so. There is no mandate for the military overthrow or invasion of a nation, rather they will exist to protect existing borders, enforce economic blockades, arrest criminal leaders, and in the extreme cases when necessary to use air power to slow or stop a genocide or related action. The ultimate target of military and economic force must be the criminal leadership and wholesale invasion of a nation does not fit this paradigm. If an extreme case is at hand a unanimous vote by all member nations will authorize invasion of a nation but only as a last resort. The members must remain united or a split will form that will set off a new chain of events and a new arms race. It must be remembered that were the arms race to continue, life as we know it will eventually come to an end. Fourth, nations will agree to honor the international bill of rights to protect lawful speech and lawful political activity within their own borders. Nations will release all persons designated as political prisoners, and in return all past violations of human rights MAY be waived by the special court by mutual agreement. Fifth, nuclear disarmament will take place in stages once all major nuclear nations join. Nations with many thousands of weapons will reduce to two thousand total. Nations with hundreds will reduce to one hundred, and the rest will reduce to one only. The next step several years later will take place when the nuclear fuel supply has substantially come under international control, from mining to enrichment to fuel production and all future construction and operation of civilian nuclear power. An international corps will be charged with design and operation of all nuclear power plants of a standardized design and be charged with securing all nuclear materials. The international corps will take the form of a government and private industry consortium with shares held by construction firms and governments. Then nuclear nations will reduce by a factor of ten their weapons so that two nations have two hundred devices each and a few others have ten. The third phase eliminates all existing stocks save the two largest, which will be dismantled and placed under international control until the devices expire due to natural deterioration (40-50 years). If any nation manages to break the treaty and begins building nuclear weapons the treaty nations at the direction of the court may reassemble the remaining nuclear devices and use them if necessary to stop the emergent nuclear threat. All member nations will allow weapons inspections in all instances in all locations. Member nations are not bound to protect non-member nations from invasion but they are bound to support the provisions dealing with genocide and related crimes. Member nations are only bound to reduce defense spending after ten years, and only in concert with the verifiable defense cuts of the other treaty nations. No member state shall be forced to disarm unilaterally. A terrorist nuclear attack is an eventuality. This unavoidable fact should motivate nations to do away with nuclear weapons. If the weapons exist, they will be used on people.
The Role of the new Marshall Plan and the World Court: An important component to creating a safer world is the New Marshall Plan, a humanitarian initiative to control hunger and disease, and a scientific initiative to study and preserve the planetary ecology. One aspect of the new Marshall Plan is the drive to increase the health, longevity, education, (and political stability) in developing nations to near parity with those of the developed world.
It is necessary to have a mechanism for the people of failed states to exert their collective will to participate, even in environments controlled by hostile corrupt leadership. Hostile and corrupt leadership depend upon control of state or privately owned communications to manufacture consent for war and other aggressive actions. It will be necessary to put in place a worldwide wireless broadband internet to void message control by state communications that historically have been used to motivate populations towards war and genocide. Such an all-encompassing communications medium can break the hold of propaganda programs that depend upon exclusive control of the message about matters as weighty as war and peace. The communications technology will reinforce and assist other aspects of the new Marshall Plan such as education and commerce.
Plebiscite: If 70% of the people voting choose to participate in the New Marshall Plan then a mechanism for making that state a ward of the international community should be set into motion and the existing government ruling elite should be peacefully persuaded with monetary inducements and potential sanctions to allow a caretaker government to be appointed by the international community and the nation building program with clear numerical goals of a known methodology and duration be set in motion. The world court may employ an ambassador for this purpose (born in country) and the development contract must be very specific about goals and time tables. The contract may evolve with a national consensus on targets for life expectancy, standard of living, population targets, ecological conservation, and agricultural and industrial development goals. The ambassador will submit example contracts for discussion and consensus by the entire population that evolves into a consensus contract ratified by at least 70% of the people voting. For example, Zimbabwe might vote to accept a medium package of assistance that offers 100 hospitals and clinics, 100 bridges and roads, 500 schools, 10,000 scholarships and universal free education K-12. In return they agree to reforestation and 70% of lands not to be developed and a planned 10% decline in population over 20 years, as well as the eventual reduction or disbanding of the army. After 7-10 years when the program ends, life expectancy jumps to 80% of that of the developed world and the standard of living is doubled. Smaller developing nations will see positive examples and join the nation building program and collective security agreement to protect them from stronger neighbors and do away with the need for a large standing army. This process begins with the smallest nations in optimal circumstances and progresses to larger nations, slowly making the world a safer, less militaristic place over time.
This may seem like a rather roundabout means of avoiding a clash of civilizations or nuclear war, but the present alternative of assassinating enemy leadership with remote drones only embitters the enemy, much like aerial bombing of cities in WWII only served to steel the determination of the target civilian population. Fortress America is a strategy that has involved us in multiple wars and extreme financial expense without achieving the results we desire. Gradual nuclear disarmament and nation building done outside of war zones is a much less expensive and more effective means of guaranteeing long term safety. It is probable that collective security and the new Marshall Plan will take a decade or more to reach a tipping point.
Choosing the nine international jurists from among member nations is the most important step. It will be done by mutual agreement. The basis for voting will be the written judicial decisions of the jurists during their careers. Written decisions that garner the most votes will be chosen to form the first body. Since the treaty nations will be supplying the expertise and resources, these nations will choose the first court body based upon the size of their population and their contribution to the New Marshall Plan. Decisions of the nine member court will be made by a majority vote. Choosing corrupt or incompetent judges will mean the court is fated to fail, while the choice of wise, cautious, and fair personalities will mean domestic peace and tranquility. Over reach by the court will mean that member states refuse to allow their military forces to take part. To this end the force contributions must be funded at the national level to ensure decentralized control. The court will evolve; it will grow in size and change in composition to reflect the new member states. The first ten years will witness the rise of collective security, a world court, and international control of nuclear energy, nuclear weapons reductions, and the beginning of a humanitarian and scientific initiative on the path to control disease and hunger, and preserve the planetary ecology. It must be remembered that the first ten years are a trust building exercise.
The new Marshall Plan: Equitable division and management of renewable resources according to the new Marshall Plan will also be a part of any contract between the international community and developing nations. The area near the equator holds 50% of all known species of plants, animals, insects, etc. and these should be preserved by direct transfer payments ($15-30 billion) once a year. This will secure the forests that function as the lungs of the planet and most known life forms. Renewable resources such as timber, wild game, and fishing rights will be managed in order to maximize the yearly harvest into perpetuity. This means resources will be managed to last forever and to allow people to harvest the optimum amount per year. These quotas will be determined by biologists and will take into account the need to maximize wild life diversity as well. In other words fishing interests will take the maximum possible without destroying the resource or the wild life that share the resource. Example: Cod harvests might be optimal at 15% of the yearly population, or 5 million tons, taking into account the 2 million tons eaten by other species. Thus cod populations do not decline radically from year to year and other species are all in a state of equilibrium. It is human nature to harvest a renewable resource until it collapses or goes extinct and this can no longer be allowed to proceed unchecked. Optimizing resources and sharing them in an equitable manner will be adjudicated by the court or its designated representatives who are experts in the field. The nations who share harvests or the nation that harvests resources within its borders will ratify the targets and methods of harvesting. Disputes between nations or within national borders may be brought before the court. Those who break the agreements are liable to sanctions both economic and criminal before the court. It is with great humility and faith in the common purpose, the common good of peace and prosperity that we set forth the four goals. These include a ban on the new EMW, reform of our political system, the collective security treaty, and a new Marshall Plan. Let us place our faith and hope in the certain knowledge that God loves us and readily helps those who help themselves. Marshall Gregory Thomas 7/21/12

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World Court 3pgs

A World Court and Collective Security: A New Treaty Among Nations

       The world is changing to a multipolar world, one composed of many nation states where no one state is completely dominant. Nation states from their beginning have competed to become the dominant military and industrial power on the earth. This contest often involved extended periods of open war. This new period of emerging states resembles Europe 100 years ago. The concept of a balance of power to maintain the peace led to extended alliances between nations, and once war was declared between two states, they and all their allies were drawn into a conflagration that destroyed Europe. WWI and WWII were essentially the same conflict that consumed nearly 100 million lives, and took generations to recover from. If this type of conflict were to repeat itself today with nuclear weapons, the toll of human lives would probably extend into a billion, and the world might never recover.

       The United States engaged in an arms race with the USSR for nearly 50 years, for world domination using nuclear weapons. The Cold War ended with the collapse of the USSR, by which time the amount of societal wealth the arms race consumed was roughly equal to the value of everything in the US except the value of the land itself, meaning every home, factory, every building, tool, consumer item, work of art, in short everything in its entirety. This incredible sacrifice of treasure and blood did not make the citizenry safer, but instead made them live in a world of constant anxiety in which total annihilation could come in 15 minutes. On several occasions the world itself nearly came to an end in all out nuclear war. This state of certain annihilation was only avoided by engaging in proxy wars between the two states over much of the globe in different locations that probably consumed about 100 million lives in foreign lands. In short, everywhere but Europe became a battlefield so that Europe might not.

       Today many nations aspire to become regional and global powers. The currency of this contest are nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, conventional weapons, and weapons of increasing destructive power. Greater societal wealth means more money for newer and improved engines of destruction. It is a given that as nations become more militarized their society becomes less free, less humane, and more authoritarian in nature. The concept of a balance of power failed Europe in 1914, and it will fail again in the 21st Century. It is clear that something must change or these mistakes of the past will be repeated on an even more grand scale. Without a new paradigm between nations all hopes of greater freedom, prosperity, and a better future for one’s children will be consumed in the never ending contest for regional and world domination.

       The answer is a collective security regime that creates an army of many nations to enforce the peace, and a world court charged with defending all international borders, and keeping the peace between nations. The UN was created to protect the peace of the world and human rights but it has evolved to guard the rights of governments first and people second. A more robust power is required. A world court will curtail the actions of national leaders who seek world domination. Wars and genocide are not traffic accidents, they are conscious choices made by the leaders of nations to commit crimes for profit, power, and personal glory. No national government will by choice decide to give up the power inherent in nuclear weapons and the power conferred on them by the arms race and militarization of society. Governments are not the people, and the people are not their government. Ideally the governments serve the people, but never ending war means the opposite is true, that people become the servants of the state. The only way this can change is for the people of many nations to unite and decide to enforce a new paradigm. Only the people acting together can curtail the power of the state and regain control of their own destiny, included in a new Bill of Rights.

       The treaty to establish the world court and collective security will slow the arms race and begin the process of elimination of nuclear weapons in three steps. The process is a gradual evolutionary one that will mean over time that large militaries become less necessary. Change does not happen overnight, but over the course of several decades. The world court is not the basis for a world government. If the court over reaches and tries to use the security force for its own means or an unpopular cause then the nations need merely recall their troops. The military of many nations remains under the separate control of each nation, formed by them, paid by them, armed and transported by them. If the world court over steps their mandate, then the force will not act, or will dissolve. The court is not a world government, it is a traffic cop used to enforce the rules of the road. After WWII Japan existed under the defense umbrella of the US and did not maintain a large standing army. This concept will evolve over time for the world at large. All nations that join the treaty nations will be entitled to the protection of the world court and the collective defense force, meaning in practice that the small weak nations will be protected from being absorbed by their larger, more powerful neighbors. The concept of regional and global powers contesting for world domination will become archaic. The aggressor who seeks to gain and hold territory will be repulsed, and the profit inherent in war itself, whether against ones neighbors or one’s own people will no longer enter into the calculations of national leaders if they know they will become the enemies of peace and humanity, and they will be defeated, and end their days in a prison cell.

       This realization will not be instantaneous, nor will it come cheap, but it will come in time. The rights of minority populations will never be protected by the majority groups, but only by law enforced by the court. Nothing is certain and all human constructs are by definition imperfect and subject to eventual failure. It is probable that a new paradigm will allow time for society to evolve an ethic that finds state violence repulsive and unacceptable. Several generations of peace will allow the world the opportunity to evolve societies that are internally harmonious and at peace with their neighbors. Human goals of an increased standard of living, as well as greater attainments of health and education will benefit the cause of peace. It is with these goals in mind that the US and developed nations offer a new Marshall Plan to increase the humanitarian goals of health and education in under developed areas of the world, and to join together to decode and preserve our natural world. This work begins with a peace dividend inherent in the treaty among nations. Only by joining together and demanding change in unison, may the people of many nations break the never ending cycle of war, and begin a new age of peace on earth. As a human being living in this critical time in the history of humanity, it is your responsibility to yourself and others to join together and demand a change in the current system of every man (nation) for themselves. You must take every nonviolent action necessary to secure your nation from those who would drive it to poverty and destruction. If we do not secure collective defense and a new Marshall Plan from our governments now, today, then tomorrow will not judge us kindly, and our destiny will never be our own. 

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Speech Two

Speech Two:
I don’t claim to be any smarter or more important than anyone else. If I’m different it’s because of the path that this life has led me down. I started searching for something that I couldn’t really name when I was 25. I bought a camera and went for long walks in the woods and began to identify with the natural world, nature worship you might say. When I was 29 I quit my job with NASA and started teaching ESL. I was gonna save the world, one child at a time. I was very idealistic. I moved into a Hispanic neighborhood and taught myself Spanish, with the help of my neighbors. When I turned 33 I got sick, traveling in Central America on spring break. I had surgery to remove a thyroid tumor and developed an autoimmune disease. I went to my HMO and other doctors but they couldn’t help me. The school district fired me, I lost my savings, my insurance. I was sick and unable to work. The worst of the illness came and went like a roller coaster and was getting worse all the time. After 18 months I felt like I was gonna die, but I didn’t want to die in the big city, so I moved out into the country and lived on ten acres that belonged to a friend. It was a shack in the woods with no running water, but I had escaped the big city. A friend of mine later said that I had gone off alone like a dog to die, which kind of summed it up nicely. I felt like I had a lot to give and wanted to join the team for the big win, wanted to be a part of society, but they had written me off. For lack of a better term I guess they had just flushed me. My health was broken, my body had betrayed me, so I lived the life of the mind, writing books, or rather trying to. This state of affairs continued for several years until the relapses broke me. The muscles of my neck and back contracted so badly I couldn’t sleep for nearly 6 months. I would pass out for 2 or 3 hours but never really rested or dreamed. I don’t really know how to describe the years of torment. Robbed of my physical body, and then gradually my mind, my very sanity. For months I sat in a chair in the dark silence. Light and sound caused me physical pain. My eyes were rolled up into my head. My sense of time broke down and four hours seemed like 15 minutes. When I held a glass in my hand the glass would either slip out of my hand, or accidently break in my hand. I thought I was gonna wind up in a nursing home. These last few years have been hard on a lot of people. They’ve lost their jobs, lost their homes, their families and their lives. I know exactly how they feel. I’ve been through much the same thing for the last 16 years. I’ve gotten a PhD in suffering. Out of desperation I went back to the doctor and got lucky and found someone who could help me. After a few years I had recovered enough to walk a hundred yards without resting. I decided to go back to school. I was gonna save a million lives, change the world to make it worth the price I had paid to stay in this world. I worked in the biology department and studied microbiology, and joined the Hanta Virus team. After 9/11 I decided to make a medicine that would stop a biological weapon. The Soviet Plague bioweapon was resistant to antibiotics. I came up with a solution and found business partners and formed a company, applied for an NIH grant under project Bioshield. It was around that time that I learned that innocent people were being used as human guinea pigs to perfect the latest and greatest anti-personnel weapons coming out of the DOD weapons labs. For years I’ve interviewed these people in person, like an epidemiologist, finding out their symptoms and what they have in common. If I seem unemotional I’m sorry, it is because I have had to harden my heart to terrible human suffering that at times seemed without end. My own government is waging an undeclared war on my own people. I believe in people, I believe in their basic goodness. Yet evil exists and works it’s will in this world. I believe in my country and in it’s ability to be a force for good in the world. Lincoln called the US the last best hope of the human race. If the human race ever needed hope, it needs it now, for now is perhaps the hour of it’s greatest trial. I guess I’ve been chosen, not because of superiority, but because of the path I’ve gone down. I’ve been a curious mixture of a young pleasure seeker, atheist, an idealist, naturalist, scientist, a fool, and a failure. I’ve been blessed with gifts, but I’ve paid for them. Sitting Bull was a shaman of the Sioux people. He prayed, fasted, and made sacrifices of his own flesh and blood. He was given visions of the outcomes of battles, and visions of his own fate. He paid for them. Nothing in this life is free. The demands of this moment are many and many shall be called. The prize is potentially a new age of peace and freedom. The price of failure may be a fate worse than death itself. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t call all the shots. I don’t blame you if you are skeptical, I would be too. But if you ignore facts, then I do find fault. I only ask that you use your common sense. The average man on the street is perfectly capable of deciding what is in his or her own best interest. I am saying that the new weapons similar to those in public are being used on innocent people. If the Russians used them on the US in 1956, and got away with it for years, then what chance do these people have. I am claiming that criminal behavior committed all the way through the Cold War by the DOD on half a million people is still going on. US citizens are being used as human guinea pigs in terminal experiments, experiments that end in death. This is not new, it is a continuation of past behavior. The figure of half a million people is the governments own figure. The majority of the targets are political activists and whistleblowers. Historically these kinds of people have been under assault for many years. This is a historical fact. There are a few personalities in military intelligence who are borderline personalities, people who need to be investigated. They are not crazy, but they are different. One has a PhD in the science of death. He is quite literally Dr. Death. He has been in charge of developing the new weapons for the Army since 1980. These men have written about how to use the new weapons, advocated using them on civilians, expressed admiration for previous illegal DOD programs that were war crimes, and expressed interest in using weapons of torture to modify human behavior. The alleged criminals helped move the classified weapons into the hands of law enforcement and vigilantes, and they’ve participated in a smoke screen cover up. These facts are all out in the open, and there is much more, but this by itself should drive us to the logical conclusion. Mark Twain said that history does not repeat itself, it rhymes. I am describing the same old song with a different tune. There is nothing new under the sun. People will say there is no absolute proof. The air tight proof is classified, hidden in Fort Mead, and no one is going to break in and steal it. People will say that the victims are all crazy. This is what they said about the other half million US citizens used as guinea pigs and target practice. I am saying use the common sense that God gave you and stop listening to people who tell you not to believe your own eyes. Critics are using a shoot the messenger strategy to smear me as a terrible human being. Well of course they are, because they certainly can’t use logic and reason to the refute the facts. What better way to ignore the facts than to change the subject and make this about me. Let me make this very clear, this is not about me. Human beings reduce things to one personality because it helps us put larger ideas in perspective. The power is impressive and even seductive, but I am just an old transistor radio, I am not the music. You are in love with the music. Good, you should be, but I’m not the music, I am just another human being on this earth. I am laying my head on the chopping block and I fully expect to be destroyed. I cannot be bought off, scared off, or controlled. This power is not under their control and so they must destroy a thing to control it. First I will be discredited as a public person, then destroyed financially, spiritually, and finally physically destroyed. There is no avoiding it. I am just another person on this earth and soon I will be gone. Evil exists in this world, it is not imaginary. Americans want to live in the world of Norman Rockwell because that is a safe place, but the world is in play and the fate of nations will be decided by the people, ordinary, everyday people. This is our generations moment of truth. Will we, the people of the world, confront the evil in our midst, will we overcome this fortress of evil that wages war on the innocent and seeks to determine our destiny. Charismatic leaders by themselves will not get you to the mountain top. Your fate can only be decided by you and people just like you who decide to act in unison. I remember all the people killed by car bombs and suicide bombers, and how the victims bodies are always taken away, but the shoes remain. The assassins have stolen their lives and their humanity. They are rendered silent, except for the piles and piles of hundreds of shoes. This program of torture and murder is largely unseen because the cause of death is often heart attack, cancer, or natural disease. I intend to pressure my Congressional representative to stop this madness by telling them that I will speak for those who have been silenced. I will take a few minutes and a few dollars to mail them a single shoe in silent protest. Speaking for those who are gone and cannot be replaced, in their place I will demand that the alleged criminals be detained, that their elite military intelligence brigade be disarmed, and that reforms take place to guarantee that this nightmare will never again threaten our freedom and the lives of the innocent. It is a small gesture, but out of such small gestures may come a great wave of change. When the hour is struck, and it is time for a people to be free, and all people are united as one, then there is no force on earth that can stop our march to freedom.

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